Frequently Asked Questions

What size sticker should I order?

You don’t have to be exact when selecting a size. If you aren’t sure, just estimate to the nearest inch or half inch. We’ll make sure to maintain your aspect ratio. For example, when you order 3″ x 3″, the final size might be adjusted slightly to fit your design perfectly.

How do I set up a sticker sheet?

Our platform offers two options for designing your stickers: you can use our custom sticker sheet templates to lay out your designs, or you can upload your designs in a .zip file, and we will take care of the layout for you. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll send you an online proof for your approval before we start printing.

What is a die-cut sticker?

A custom die-cut sticker is a sticker that is cut to the shape of your design. We typically add a small white border. However, full bleed printing is also available for certain designs.

Can you print stickers with sequential numbering?

Yes, we can do variable or sequential data for stickers. However, there is an added setup cost, so please reach out for a custom quote.

Can I print on the background of my sticker sheets?

Yes, you can fill the white space with any design elements you like. We will print them. Make sure you let us know what you would like cut.

What type of sticker should I order?

We offer all types of custom stickers: die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers, clear stickers, transfer stickers, roll labels, and more. We created this video to help you determine which type of sticker suits your needs best.

What is your minimum order quantity for stickers?

We offer stickers with no minimum order quantities. You can order a single sticker if you like. Or buy in bulk and save.

Do you allow internal cuts?

You can put one internal cut per design. It must be a quarter inch in size. If you need more cuts, reach out for custom pricing.

Are your custom stickers weatherproof?

Yes, our vinyl is engineered to stand up to weather and outdoor conditions for 5+ years. With our UV laminate coating, they won’t fade in the sun or scratch.

Is the white ink on clear stickers completely opaque?

No, ink is translucent in nature, so fully opaque white ink is not possible. 

How many stickers can I fit on a sticker sheet?

The number of stickers that can fit on a custom sticker sheet depends on the size of each sticker and the sheet. Stickers must be at least 0.75″ and spaced 0.25″ apart.

Can I order a few giant custom stickers?

Yes, we can print stickers up to 96″ x 50″ upon request. 

Can I see samples before I buy?

We provide pre-selected sample packs comprising ten stickers for just $1. Additionally, we offer the option to order ten custom stickers featuring your artwork for $9, with free shipping included. This allows you to assess the quality of our stickers before making a larger order.

How much space is required between each image on a sticker sheet?

We recommend leaving a 0.25″ space between each design on a custom sticker sheet. As long as each design is at least 0.75″ in size, you can fit as many designs on a sheet as you like.

What type of adhesive do you use on stickers?

The adhesive used varies by product. Custom stickers, transfer stickers, vinyl lettering, labels, and front-adhesive stickers use a permanent adhesive while custom bumper stickers use a removable one.

How much do you round the corners of rounded corner stickers?

For custom-rounded corner stickers, the radius of the corner is 0.25 inches. However, if you’re interested in a custom radius, we can accommodate requests down to 0.1″. Just be sure to specify your desired radius when placing your order.

What material are your stickers made from?

Our custom stickers are printed on thick, premium white vinyl, technically known as polyvinyl chloride. We also use a lay flat 90# backing paper.

Are your custom stickers dishwasher safe?

Yes, our custom stickers can be repeatedly washed in a dishwasher without fading. They can also be aggressively hand-washed after being adhered to drinkware. Please note, however, that they may not adhere as well if repeatedly subjected to extreme heat and moisture.

Will your stickers adhere to fabric?

Yes, we use a permanent adhesive that adheres to most fabrics. However, they will not withstand a washing machine and will not have the holding power of an iron-on transfer.

How long will your stickers last?

Our custom stickers are designed to be fade-resistant and can last for years, depending on placement, care, and exposure to weather conditions.

Are you able to print white ink on clear stickers?

Our custom clear stickers are printed with white ink behind your design to preserve opacity. It’s also possible to print your design with white ink only. However, remember that clear stickers will be translucent, and the white ink may not be perfectly opaque.

How big should a sticker be to cover the Apple logo?

The size of the Apple logo on a MacBook will depend on the year and model of the MacBook you have. To get exact sizing, we recommend taking measurements of the logo and sizing your custom sticker accordingly.

Can you print on the back of my stickers?

No back printing available. Choose custom kiss-cut stickers if you want space to print extra information.

Do your stickers have a matte or gloss finish?

We offer both. For holographic and clear stickers, glossy laminate is the default, however let us know if you would like matte instead.

Do you have glow-in-the-dark stickers?

No, we do not offer glow-in-the-dark ink or vinyl. However, we do offer custom holographic stickers that can provide a similar eye-catching effect.

Can I write on your stickers?

Yes, you can write on our custom stickers. This makes them useful as name tags or for labeling handmade products. We find permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best for writing on our stickers without smudging.

How do you determine the dimensions of a die-cut sticker?

Determine the dimensions for a custom die-cut sticker by using the widest and tallest parts of your design. If you’re unsure of the exact dimensions, don’t worry—simply provide us with your artwork, and we’ll help you in determining the suitable size.

Do you provide stickers with back slits?

No, we do not offer stickers with back slits. For easy peeling, we suggest kiss-cut stickers, which feature a rectangular backing around the design, making removal from the backing effortless.

Can you print with metallic inks or foil?

Unfortunately, we cannot print using metallic inks or foils. However, we do offer custom holographic stickers printed on a vinyl with a metallic-like appearance, achieving a similar visual effect. We also have a chrome style vinyl if you want a silver metallic style of sticker.

What are sticker sheets?

Sticker sheets are single pages or sheets containing multiple stickers arranged in various configurations. These stickers can be of different shapes, sizes, and designs, and they are typically made from vinyl or paper material. Sticker sheets allow for easy storage and organization of stickers, making them convenient for distribution and use. They are commonly used for crafting, scrapbooking, decoration, labeling, and promotional purposes. Sticker sheets are versatile and customizable, offering a convenient way to access and apply multiple stickers for various projects and applications.

Do you make reflective stickers?

Yes, we offer mirror reflective chrome stickers. These stickers have a shiny, reflective surface similar to a mirror, giving them a chrome-like appearance. They are eye-catching and add a unique aesthetic to any design or project.

How thick are your stickers?

Our stickers measure approximately 15 mils in thickness, including the liner. This thickness guarantees durability, ensuring that the stickers remain resilient against diverse environmental conditions.

Why aren’t your clear stickers completely clear?

We use a matte finish on all our stickers, including clear ones. This matte finish improves the visibility of the print at a distance. It reduces glare, resulting in a clearer and more legible sticker overall.

Will dry eraser markers work on your stickers?

We recommend using Board Dudes SRX Magnetic dry eraser markers for the best results. While other dry eraser markers, such as Expo or Amazon Basics, may work, their performance may vary, so we suggest testing them first.

Can I order fewer than 50 custom stickers?

Yes! We have no minimum order quantities; you can order as few as one sticker.

What is your least expensive sticker shape?

We do not charge extra for intricate cut patterns. This is because we use state of the art laser cutting technology that is able to effeciently cut any shape.

Do you have clear vinyl stickers?

Yes, we offer custom clear vinyl stickers with a matte finish. These stickers can be cut into any shape and feature full-color printing. Clear vinyl stickers are popular for various applications due to their versatility and professional appearance.

Can your stickers be used in the microwave?

No, we do not advise microwaving our stickers. They are not designed to withstand microwave heat, as it can cause them to deform, melt, or release harmful substances.

What is the smallest size for custom stickers?

The smallest custom sticker we can create measures 0.75″ x 0.75″. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate orders for designs smaller than this due to printing and cutting limitations.

Can clear stickers be die cut?

Yes, custom clear stickers can be die-cut to any shape. Whether you need simple geometric shapes or intricate custom designs, we can create clear stickers tailored to your specifications.

Can you round the corners of bumper sticker?

Yes, we can create custom rounded corner bumper stickers. Provide artwork with rounded corner cut lines, or specify your desire for rounded corners when placing your order, and we’ll ensure your bumper stickers have the rounded corner design you prefer.

What is a bumper sticker?

A custom bumper sticker is a sticker designed for application to vehicles. It is typically placed on the bumper but can also be applied to other surfaces. The sticker is printed on durable vinyl with a protective laminate to withstand outdoor conditions.

Do you make paper stickers?

No, we only produce stickers using vinyl material for its durability and weather resistance. However, our vinyl stickers can be applied to various surfaces, including paper, for versatile use.

Do you make domed stickers?

No, we currently do not offer domed stickers in our product lineup. However, we provide a range of custom vinyl stickers, including die-cuts, glitters, and holographic, suitable for various applications.

Do you silkscreen your stickers?

No, we utilize high-resolution inkjet printing for our stickers, ensuring crisp and vibrant results. After printing, we apply a matte laminate to enhance durability and protect the stickers from UV damage, ensuring they maintain their quality over time.

Do your stickers adhere to silicone?

Silicone is a non-porous material designed to be nonstick, making it challenging for stickers to adhere to. While our stickers may initially stick to silicone surfaces, they may not provide a long-lasting bond and could peel off over time.

Can I order a die-cut bumper sticker?

Certainly! We offer custom die-cut bumper stickers in various shapes and sizes. Simply upload your artwork with die-cut lines, and we’ll create bumper stickers tailored to your specifications.

Will my stickers leave behind a sticky a residue behind when I remove them?

Our custom stickers are designed to minimize residue upon removal. However, depending on factors such as duration of application and surface type, some adhesive residue may be left behind. Fortunately, there are several methods to safely remove sticker residue.

Are your stickers durable enough to wear on a helmet?

Yes, our custom helmet stickers are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and physical wear. They’re coated with a protective laminate, making them resistant to wind, rain, sunlight, and scratching. This ensures they remain intact even on helmets subjected to rough handling.

Can I use your stickers as name tags?

Absolutely! Our custom stickers work great as name tags. You can write on them with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker, making them ideal for labeling purposes such as name tags for events, conferences, or labeling handmade products.

Do you make scratch-and-sniff stickers?

No, we do not currently produce scratch-and-sniff or scented stickers. However, we offer various custom sticker types for multiple applications, including promotional materials, branding, and personal use.

Do you have a “die” or “tooling” charge?

No, we do not impose additional charges such as die or tooling fees. The prices listed on our website include all costs associated with producing your custom stickers, ensuring transparent and upfront pricing for our customers.

What is the minimum order quantity for clear stickers?

You can order a single custom sticker if you like. No minimums.

Will my stickers have your branding on them?

No, we do not add our branding to your custom stickers. Your stickers will only feature the designs and artwork you provide, ensuring that your branding and message take center stage without any additional distractions.

Do you sell weeded transfer stickers or vinyl cut stickers?

We offer weeded transfer stickers or vinyl decals in black and white. These high-quality stickers feature precise cutting and weeding, making them easy to apply to various surfaces for a professional and polished appearance.

Can you make stickers with a tear line?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer custom stickers with tear lines. However, we continuously evaluate and expand our product offerings based on customer feedback and market demand.

How accurate is your cutting?

Our cutting process ensures precision and accuracy within a 1/32″ tolerance. However, for optimal results, we recommend leaving a 1/8″ border around your design to ensure that all elements are fully contained within the sticker’s dimensions.

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