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Custom Stickers Made Easy

Quick online proofs, fast turnaround, free shipping.

Custom Stickers Made Easy

Quick online design proofs, fast turnaround, free shipping.

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Custom Stickers Made Exactly How You Want.

Our custom stickers are printed onto high quality vinyl with a laminate coating for added durability.  Our printers have the widest and most accurate color gamut in the industry.  Finally, your stickers are cut using the latest technology, this allows us to do intricate and detailed cuts with extreme accuracy. 

Why You Stickers?

Our goal is to be the most customer-focused sticker company in the world! That’s why we chose You Stickers as our name. We want to make it as easy as possible to buy custom stickers.  We promise that you will love your stickers, and to make sure of that, we offer free online proofs with unlimited revisions, and an awesome customer team that will make sure your stickers turn out exactly how you want them. 

  • 10 million+ stickers printed
  • 10,000+ customers trust us
  • Easy ordering process
  • Free online proofs
  • Sticker made in the USA
  • Quick turnaround
  • Expert design team double-check your artwork
  • High quality materials and equipment
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
printed custom stickers on laptop

ORdering Stickers Is Easy

  1. Choose the size, quantity and material you want for your stickers, and upload your artwork.
  2. We will send you free online proofs so you’ll see exactly how your stickers will be print and cut.  Approve your proofs, or get unlimited revisions for free.
  3.  We’ll print your stickers within a few days.  You’ll have your stickers in no time.  

What are Die-Cut Stickers?

Die cut stickers are stickers that are cut through both the vinyl and backing paper to the shape of your design. Die cuts look great and are perfect for handing out to promote your business, brand, or event. Your die cut sticker will be as unique as your design.

The die cut gives the sticker a much more polished and professional look, than if it were just a plain square or circle. Most of the stickers we make for folks are die cut.

What is the Difference Between Stickers and Labels?

Although stickers and labels can be used interchangeably in some situations, there are a few key differences to consider. 


Custom stickers are an outdoor durable product that lets your brand travel far and wide, and be applied just about anywhere. All of our stickers are laminated so they are rated to last for 5+ years outdoors.  This means, when you want your brand to travel outdoors, or when you know your products will be on display in outdoor settings, you’ll want to consider custom stickers for your designs.  Our stickers are typically cut individually or on sheets, so they are easier to hand out and share.


Custom labels are an indoor option.  They are resistant to water, oils, and scratches, but they don’t have the durability of stickers.  And they don’t have quite the same flexibility in size and shape.  However, they are very easy to organize and store because they come on rolls.  This also makes them quick and easy to apply to products, by hand or a label application machine.  Labels are also more economical for large quantities.    


Which you buy comes down to your needs.  We typically recommend labels for products, invitations, envelopes, tags, and similar uses.  On the other hand, stickers are often the better choice for handing out at events, sharing your brand, and printing your artwork or designs to be displayed outdoors or for a long term.  

  • Stickers: Cut individually or on sticker sheets
  • Labels: Printed on rolls

What Are Stickers Used For?

Custom printed stickers are a great tool for marketing and branding.  The high impact visual of a well made sticker or label can leave a lasting impression on customers.  Every placement of a sticker or label is an opportunity to reinforce your brand, and grow your customer base.  

CUSTOM STICKERS and labels are a low cost Marketing tool

Digital marketing is saturated, and there is a lot of competition.  Stickers give you a way to generate impressions and brand awareness outside of the digital realm.  A laptop sticker, or a water bottle sticker can create impressions in real life, and they can be conversation starters.  Your customers love your product, and stickers give them a reminder to share it, and a way to be an ambassador for your brand.  Sticker giveaways to influencers and customers are excellent, low-cost ways to promote your business.

Why Choose Us as Your Sticker Print Partner?

We are a small, family owned business.  Although we may not marketing or advertising budget of larger manufacturers, we differentiate ourselves with our quality and customer focus.  We have a lot of years of experience in the printing industry, and we are constantly investing in the best printing equipment.  We also guarantee satisfaction with our products.  If you have any issues with your stickers, we will reprint them for free, or work to find a solution for you.  In addition to our satisfaction guarantee, we offer a low-price guarantee.  We will match any competitors price on custom stickers.  If you find a lower price, just reach out to us via phone, email, or our contact form.  We’ll match or beat their price and you’ll get our famous quality, speed, and service.